"Helping teens succeed in sobriety and in life."

Couseling & Recovery Support


Horizon High School aims to support teens in recovery by providing holistic hands-on services. Counseling services encompass an onsite AODA counselor, a staff member who is actively in recovery and additional therapeutic services contracted through Connections Counseling.

At Horizon, students participate in their recovery daily through both traditional and nontraditional groups as they learn who they are and how to control their addiction.

While participating in counseling services at Horizon, students:

• educate themselves on recovery

• identify their personal triggers

• learn how to work through cravings while also developing problem solving skills and strategies

• develop emotional regulation

• craft personal mindfulness strategies

Horizon provides these opportunities through talk therapy,yoga classes, process groups, peer support groups, meditation, work with animals, art therapy and more. One-on-one support is also offered as needed to students by the Horizon staff.

Staff at Horizon believe in providing a safe and family-oriented environment adapted to individual needs in order to increase student growth while teaching accountability and supporting recovery.

Horizon students are also required to have outside support (i.e. a counselor, psychiatrist, social worker, sponsor). This is done so traditional outpatient counseling services can be paired with Horizon’s unique experiential counseling to allow students to build greater safety, multiple resources, and personal survival tools. Success is achieved at Horizon High School by working hand in hand with other AODA and Mental Health agencies to provide our students with the strong foundation they need to stay alive, stay in school and stay sober.


The Horizon High School life skills program provides students with the opportunity to experience different activities in the community. Life skills allows our students the chance to try new things, discover hidden talents, and to learn by seeing and doing! Student and staff travel all over the community to experience a variety of activities designed to empower our students and support them in their recovery.

Examples of previous LIFE SKILLS EXPERIENCES:

• Outdoor Enjoyment – Parks, Trails, Gardens

• Educational Enhancement – Museums, University Lectures, Libraries

• Practical Skill Building – Career Centers, College Visits, Banking Workshops

• Health & Wellness – Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Karate

• Arts & Enrichment – Pottery, Cooking Classes, Farming/Gardening

• Sober Teen Fun – Laser Tag, Amusement Parks, Roller Rink

Horizon students are challenged to try new things. While this may involve stepping out of their personal comfort zone, it usually leads to the discovery of a new talent or enjoyment of a new activity.

Life skills promotes a positive self-image and encourages skill building. The goal of the Horizon High School staff is to assist students in gaining independence and to help them develop a personal schema for what it means to live a sober life.



Parents play an important role in their teen's lives and we want to give students/families every opportunity to be successful in their recovery. One way Horizon supports parents is the Parent Support Group. This group is held once a month in the evenings to provide parents with a time and space to receive the safe support they need. The group is co-facilitated by a member of the Horizon High School staff and an certified family group counselor.

Goals of the Parent Support Group are:

• To provide parents a safe place to talk about addiction, recovery, and how they can help their teen

• To help parents get to know each other for better support and communication

• To empower parents to take active roles in supporting their teen in recovery, both while they are at Horizon and in their future

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